VRCO signs MOU with leading Graphene supplier

VRCO & Graphitene are pleased to announce the signing of an MOU/Joint Development Agreement. A potential world first, collaboration & partnership between a flying car company and advanced nanomaterials producer. VRCO Limited believes the future benefits of Graphene use will reduce craft weight while improving strength and safety and will, with enhanced battery storage provide for greater flight endurance.

Mike Smith, Chairman and Co-Founder of VRCO Limited said “This long-term development ensures VRCO will have a reliable and scalable supply of advanced nanomaterials and allow the Company to plan well into the future in terms of craft evolution.”

Gaute Juliussen the CEO of Graphitene said, “We are delighted that our naturally produced high quality graphene and vertically integrated fully scalable industrial production has been recognized for delivering significant benefits to the NeoXcraft airframe and power storage architecture. Working with such a great team to develop these applications is a pleasure and we are already seeing serious dividends from this collaboration.”

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