VRCO signs MOU with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions

VRCO are pleased to announce the signing of an MOU with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, providing significant additional experience and expertise to certain mission and time critical components of our project & craft development. VRCO are now even better placed to meet this year’s self-imposed deadlines and the supply of craft for valuable and coveted opportunities.

Additionally, VRCO will be working with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions on a realistic, multi-axis flight simulator for its training & safety development program.  A great example of how modern innovation will work in supporting the aviation sector, making total air travel journeys faster, more pleasurable, more accessible.

Mike Smith Chairman and Co-Founder of VRCO Limited said “This collaboration with a world leading Aerospace partner provides assurance that we can overcome some of the more technically challenging aspects of the build and provide us with proven certification experience.”

Paul Hutton the CEO of Cranfield Aerospace Solutions said, “The Neo X Craft is a very exciting project that is coming to market at just the right time, and as an approved aerospace design and production business we can accelerate the practical realisation this concept.”

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