VRCO appoints Mike Donoghue to the Board 

VRCO limited a Derby based business is building the NeoXcraft, an electric personal Vertical and Take off craft capable of landing on water and driving on roads.  Data storage is important and getting these fundamentals right at the start of the build process is vital.

Today the company has appointed Mike Donoghue, a certified cybersecurity professional and a highly experienced and motivated strategic technology leader with 29 years global IT experience.

Daniel Hayes of VRCO commented, “At the heart of every endeavor today is data and for us having a robust approach to safeguarding it is a core strategic driver. We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring such an experienced local person on board which shows the importance the company places on Cyber Security. Mike shares our vision and passion for the project and has already shown how he can ensure that we not only met but exceed industry best practices when it comes to IT Security.”

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