Graphitene and VRCO joint development work well under way – initial sampling and testing initiated

Following considerable work over recent years, Graphitene has developed improved
graphene material that has been demonstrated to deliver notable improvements in polymer
resins on both conductivity, mechanical strength and stiffness properties at low loading
levels. Based on these results Graphitene signed a 10 year Joint Development Agreement
(JDA) with VRCO Ltd., the developer of the NeoXCraft, cementing a working partnership and
technology oriented collaboration for the very long term.

We are delighted to announce that, Graphitene and VRCO have now started an accelerated
product development programme with a view to delivering disruptive performance
(strength vs weight) improvements in the (carbon composite) body, batteries, propellers
and wheels to VRCO. The first early “proof of concept” prototypes are already delivered.
Further developments will include a graphene-based lightning strike protection (LSP)
system, protective coatings against IR- radiation and corrosive environments, and thermal
management solutions and self healing materials to deal with the wide range of
temperatures and extreme natural environments explorers of both airspace, the world’s
highest mountains, baking-hot deserts, and seas need to contend with.

Comment from VRCO CEO, Dan Hayes:
“We are keen to become the first electrical personal aircraft company to take advantage of
this exciting new technology. The detailed understanding that Graphitene bring of how to
get the most out of their material is impressive and we look forward to rapidly incorporating
graphene into our vertical take off and land aircraft.”

“VRCO’s is at the very forefront of the electrical personal aircraft industry, and committed
to drive a major change, which is needed to both literally and figuratively make this industry
take off. With its strong entrepreneurial management team, its insights and its connections
in the sector together with Graphitene’s technical expertise we can and will accelerate the
commercialization of graphene into aerospace related products” Gaute Juliussen, the CEO
of Graphitene commented. This agreement is in line with Graphitene's strategy to
commercialize new applications for its graphene nanomaterials through an industry
partnership model.

For further information, visit
Gaute Juliussen, CEO
Graphitene Ltd

or contact:
Dan Hayes, CEO

About Graphitene

Graphitene is a 2nd generation nanomaterials company engaged in research, development
and sale of the highest quality, most advanced form of graphene: graphitene™. Graphitene
utilises proprietary technology to create innovative new engineering solutions that are
capable of having a game-changing impact.
Graphitene is a complete solutions company that works directly with end-users, and has
developed a world-class production facility in the U.K. designed for easy scale up of
production to hundreds of tons per year. The product quality has been extensively
independently characterized and validated by major corporations, academic institutions and
industrial partners.

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