About Us

Based in the UK capital of innovation

VRCO is at the forefront of AirVolution, designing the world’s finest electrical personal aircraft which can vertically take off and land. Based at Infinity Park Derby, adjacent to the world civil aviation headquarters of Rolls-Royce, designing and prototyping in a city recognised as the UK capital of innovation and where the jet engine was developed.

Our team

Sevan Vlieghe Intern
Mike Smith Chairman & Co-Founder
Dan Hayes Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Graham Mulholland Non-Executive Director - Production
Damian McTaggart Head of Product Design
Mike Donoghue Chief Information Security Officer
Dr Chris Wyres Non Executive Director - Intellectual Property
Nick Leary
Nick Leary Design Associate
Professor Angelo Malogno IISE Project Lead
Professor Paul Stewart IISE Project Lead
Andy Furness Director Training
Gary Scully Director Operations


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